Don’t Fall Behind this Fall

Did you put your job search on hold this summer? Although we never recommend holding off until the fall, it’s not uncommon for job seekers to pull back on their job search efforts. Kids are off from school and vacations are booked, causing employers to move a bit slower during the summer months as well.

“Once the fall comes and staffs return to full force, recruitment/hiring picks up again to fill any vacant roles before the holidays roll around (and to use up budgets before they run out).”Monster

With Labor Day around the corner, and our summer months coming to an end, you want to be ahead of the game if you’re looking for a new job. Don’t put off updating your resumé and LinkedIn profile weeks into September! People will already be getting offers for the hot positions you were interested in. Once companies get back in the swing of things, filling vacancies could be a priority and things will start to move quickly.

Ready to freshen up and get ahead?

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