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I am so appreciative that I received such great service from key Resource Group. They have been able to handle my needs in both a temporary and permanent capacity. The difficulties of finding the right healthcare applicants have been eased due to the hard work of Key Resource Group. Thanks so very much!

Laura Cianflone, Human Resources Manager
Catholic Health System

Any company is only as good as its people and Key Resource Group’s CEO, Carolyn Gala, is an expert at determining your needs, knowing your team and streamlining that which is always difficult and filled with risk: hiring. She is caring, understands people and knows the business. I have referred her to clients, friends, and colleagues without hesitation. You are wasting your time and money if you are hiring or recruiting in any other way.

John Blair, Founder/Member
Milestone, LLC

Key Resource Group has worked with us in every capacity possible – from contract staff to full-time employees as well as assisting us with special projects. They tap into a systemwide approach to delivery and use teamwork to fill our needs. No wonder they are our preferred supplier. We always feel like we’re their only customer – top notch #1 service in every way!

Tama J. Gresco-Sauers
Manager of Human Resources, Carleton Technologies Inc.

I have worked with Key Resource Group for many years and enjoy dealing with everyone there. Their commitment to finding someone that fits your placement needs exceeds all expectations. The one-on-one service you get makes it a pleasant experience in dealing with many issues that may come up in a business and the quality of candidates that are referred to us are never disappointing.

In a busy environment, there is no time to screen numerous resumes and candidates. Just knowing that they have done this takes the pressure off of finding someone that you want working in your business. I would recommend Key Resource Group as a very professional and reliable resource in helping anyone fill their placement needs.

Mary Lynn Dole, Office Administrator
Connors & Vilardo, LLP

I would like to share my experience working with the entire KRG staff. I was looking for sales people in Rochester, Buffalo and Erie, PA. I knew they could help me in the Buffalo Market but was not too sure they would be successful in the other markets. I had spent 6 months trying to find the right people. I had made one hire but terminated them after 8 weeks. I partnered with KRG in June of 2016. They were relentless in their pursuit of candidates. My company has many hoops that people have to go through to become a member of our company. I am sure other recruiters would have given up on us based on these standards, but they did not.

I now have all my slots filled with members I am confidant will contribute to our company’s success. Several of the candidates I interviewed mentioned what great personal attention they were given by KRG. Not only did they meet my needs, but also those that were searching for jobs. I have been in the customer service field for over 40 years, and KRG is one of the best companies I have ever partnered with.

Robin Baehre, Sales Manager
Morgan Services Inc.

Key Resource Group takes a long-term relationship driven approach to all aspects of their business. It’s not just about a specific assignment. It’s about understanding our true staffing requirements and delivering the right solution to our needs. Since 1996, KRG has continuously demonstrated an unparalleled commitment to excellence in all aspects of our relationship; to me they are synonymous with integrity.

Mike McQueeney, Managing Partner
Summer Street Capital Partners, LLC

KRG is a ‘key resource’ in providing excellent service. I use them because they listen; they ask intelligent questions to really understand our needs. They know how and where to find the kind of people we want. They’re very selective. They only send us what we truly want, ‘the best of the best.’ I know I’m dealing with very experienced recruiters who take time to not the particulars of every order.

Melanie Smith, Employment Manager
Hodgson Russ LLP

I have found Key Resource Group to be one of the most ethical and successful agencies that I have had the pleasure of working with in my many years in Human Resources Management. I would make a recommendation without hesitation.

Dawn L. Baker, SPHR, Human Resources Director
Avox Systems, Inc.

I cannot thank you enough for directing Theresa our way! She has truly been an asset and I continue to receive extraordinary compliments on her professionalism and manner in dealing with her peers and patients. She is a perfect fit for our needs! There is so very much to be said for an experienced employee.

Karen A. Nizialek, Office Manager
Buffalo Thoracic Surgical Associates, P.C.

I have had the pleasure of working with Key Resource Group for over a decade now and have always been impressed by their professionalism and responsiveness to our needs. Our firm has gained a competitive advantage in the marketplace utilizing their services due to their many years of experience placing legal candidates in local firms. Their extensive testing programs pre-qualify a large pool of candidates for our consideration. We use Key Resource Group to find the full range of highly qualified support staff including reception, secretarial, and paralegal candidates.

Kenneth R. Miller, Firm Administrator
Hurwitz & Fine, P.C.

Cardiology Group of WNY has been using – with great success – Key Resource Group for a majority of our hiring. Key Resource Group listens to our needs and their ability to communicate brings us success in building a very good team, from clerical to nursing, Key Resource is a company we trust and can count on when recruiting. They are a first-class organization.

Susan Robertson, Business Manager
Cardiology Group of WNY, P.C.

Key Resource Group has been very responsive and very helpful. I got the idea that they really wanted to meet my needs. Key Resource Group did a better job of identifying qualified RN’s than other agencies in the past. They definitely made my job a little easier.

Lisa Zakes, RN, BSN, CPHQ, Team Leader
Healthnow/Blue Cross Blue Shield of WNY

I just wanted to send you a quick note to update you on our two new staff “family” and THANK YOU !!! for making the wait so worth it.

They are both wonderful assets to our office even after a short time.  Melissa fit in so quickly and effortlessly, it was like she had been here all the time. Erin has only been here a few weeks, but she has caught the eyes of all the providers and they are very pleased.  She has great work ethics and wonderful personality!

So I just wanted to say Thank you for finding two really wonderful additions to our office…

Gaetana Galante, Practice Manager
Suburban Women’s Healthcare, PC

KRG was able to set me up with a temp gig at a major civil litigation firm in downtown Buffalo, and after 7 weeks the firm opted to offer me a full-time and permanent position as a paralegal!  The temporary assignment that KRG was able to secure on my behalf allowed me to get my foot in the door at the firm and demonstrate the value I could bring to their team.  I’m forever grateful for KRG’s role in helping me obtain a paralegal opportunity I’d been pursuing for months.

Matthew Wiertel

I worked with KRG for nearly 18 months before accepting a permanent position with one of my assignments. Everyone at KRG was incredibly accommodating with my specific needs of location and position. My Recruiter and I established an honest and open working relationship from the start; I always felt comfortable to share sharing any comments or concerns with them about my assignments. I truly value the care and support I felt from the entire KRG team and would highly recommend them to anyone seeking a friendly and personal job searching experience.

Virginia Leary

I was fortunate enough to come across Key Resource Group during a recent job search. I have worked with other agencies in the past and I am pleased to say that KRG’s level of professionalism and genuine willingness to help far exceeded the others. My Recruiter not only offered in-depth information about the company prior to my interview, but followed up immediately after. They were authentic in their concern for how I felt about the company and because of the long- standing relationship they had built with the employer; acted as an excellent liaison.

I couldn’t be happier with my job. I am truly thankful for the entire staff at Key Resource Group and would highly recommend them to anyone actively involved in a job search or career change.

Melanie Macaluso

My Recruiter was very detailed-oriented and produced great results during our job search experience. They were generous with their time in completing any task. In my case the task of finding a permanent position. With their Recruiter’s wonderful help my perfect position was found. My Recruiter was always professional with a caring, helpful attitude. Thank you KRG! I very much enjoyed working with you. All the best, Sandy Dodson

Sandy Dodson

The staff at KRG were extremely helpful and professional in the job search process. They helped me find an awesome job within a matter of weeks. I love the job, it’s a great fit and I couldn’t be happier! I would highly recommend KRG’s services to anyone!! Thank You!!

Danielle Bankoske

I searched on my own for a new job for months, and within a week of working with Key Resource Group I was hired for the exact job I was looking for! Could not be happier with my experience working with them.

Kelly Mongillo

Key Resource Group is a great place! The employees are awesome and I have never received as great level of service with another staffing organization as I just did with Key. Appointments were kept, scheduled promptly, and many times I would receive updates or replies to my questions after close of business or before typical working hours commenced. Every visit I made to the Office I was well taken care of.

Brian Pachla

I applied to a job and received a call a few days later. I was able to be comfortable and open with the Staffing Manager about why I wanted to leave my current job. She provided plenty of advice and interview tips. I was notified quickly once I was offered the job…Key Resource went above and beyond. I am happy with the experience and would recommend them to anyone looking for a job. They are on my Christmas Card List J

Kiara Moon

KRG has been wonderful to work with! They made the experience of finding a job so much more simple. I have been placed with a wonderful company that fits both my needs and theirs. I would highly recommend KRG to anyone searching for new employment.

Ashley Faulring

My Recruiter was very enthusiastic and fun to work with. They always have your best interests at heart. My Recruiter had excellent skills ranging from top-notch communication to attention to detail always putting the needs of clients first. Honestly, I looked forward to hearing from them as they quickly became my personal cheerleader. They were driven, honest and motivating. A true professional!

Julie Scott

Thank you for bringing back the true definition of what it means to work for the employee. Human Resources and Recruiters are designed to help others obtain the perfect fit and find employment not just from the prospective of the Employer, but from the prospective of the employee. Words cannot express how much I appreciate your “UNIQUENESS” in the Recruiting and Human Resources fields.  You are the epitome of what it means to be affiliated with a Personnel Agency, Recruiter and Human Resources Representative that work for the employee and not just the employer. Whether or not employment arises out of our connection, I want your company to know they have found a “RARE DIAMOND” in the ruff. Thank you is not enough; I appreciate you and your talent. I know there is a home in the Legal World for me; faith will carry me a very long way! Have a wonderful day 🙂

Regina Caballero

Key Resource Group was the best, most professional agency that I found in the Buffalo area without a doubt. You seem to really care about those that come to you seeking employment. There is a very personal touch there, which I found most noticeably lacking at other agencies. I felt like I was treated with respect and was never put off. You seem to have a mature staff, which I believe is the key to how you related to those that come to you for help. Thank you so much for the positive experience at your agency!

Joan Santalucia

My Key Resource Group Counselor treated me more like a friend than a number. If I ever need KRG’s services again, I will definitely contact them. I would recommend this company to anyone looking for employment.

Steven Surawski

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