Resume Tips for the Seasoned Worker

Are you an older worker with great experience, yet not hearing back from companies after applying? Although many would never admit it, it’s no secret that some companies prefer to hire younger workers. Obviously, this is frustrating for workers further along in their career that are just as, if not more, qualified as their younger competition. Before applying to another position, take a second glance at your resume and see if your age is an obvious assumption. Below are some useful resume tips that can help you get the interviews you deserve as a seasoned worker.

Don’t Date Yourself

In order to avoid assumptions that you’re an older worker, even the smallest details matter on your resume.

  1. Take your graduation date off your resume if it exceeds 15 years.
  2. If you are still using an AOL email address, we recommend updating to a Gmail account. Having your home phone number on your resume is also a thing of the past, so remove it if possible.
  3. Learn the newest industry lingo and update old terminology on your resume. Be sure to take off old software programs and technology as well. Listing that you have the ability to use the internet and know how to fax are skills that will automatically date you. Refresh your technology and software skills section and list the latest and greatest software at the top.
  4. Be sure to remain truthful, however. Taking older dates and outdated skills off your resume are important changes when you are further along in your career, but make sure none of the changes are a lie.

Less is More

It’s natural to want to proudly showcase everything you have done professionally on your resume, but a future employer isn’t going to read through it all. Not only are they not going to read it, but they will be able to assume your age.

  1. There is no rule that you must display every job that you have ever had on your resume. When choosing what content to keep, focus on the position you are currently applying to. If your resume is lengthy, choose experiences that relate to the position at hand and title the section ‘Relevant Work Experience’, still being mindful of reverse chronological order.
  2. To shorten your resume, list more of your accomplishments and less of your obvious duties. Quantify your success when possible as that’s what employers want to see. Also, try to highlight promotions throughout the years to show your growth and worth.