Onboarding is a Team Effort

Is your onboarding process setting your employees up for success? Many companies have mastered the technical and paperwork parts of onboarding, but they’re lacking when it comes to making the new employee feel welcomed and connected. New hires need an easy transition in order to feel comfortable and confident in their new role, but it’s not just a job for HR – it’s a team effort.

Do you have a plan in place to connect new employees with their team?

Here are some onboarding tips to help make your new hire feel welcome:

  1. The new employee shouldn’t be the only one initiating conversation. Remind current employees how they felt when they were the newbie! Make your staff well aware that someone new is joining the team and remind them that they need to put in effort as well to make the new hire feel comfortable. Advise your employees to invite the new addition to lunch, ask their opinion on a project, involve them in celebrity gossip, etc.
  2. Educate the new hire on who does what, and why, in the company. Some organizations arrange short, individual meetings with close team members, as well as key players in different departments. These meetings are great for formal introductions, but also help give the new employee a better understanding of the full picture. The faster the new hire can put a face to a name, the more involved they will feel.
  3. It’s extremely beneficial to assign a mentor to all new hires. Introducing them to someone that they can go to for anything work related will make them feel supported and more at ease.
  4. Give the new hire established goals. Not only will this let them know what is required of them, but it also gives them something to look forward to in their new role. Everyone needs to feel like they matter at work!

If you’re looking to reduce turnover, make sure your team is focused on engaging and involving new employees from day one. Taking the time to do so, and being patient while everyone adjusts, will give all employees the best shot at long-term success.