Hiring? What to Ask Before Partnering with a Staffing Agency

Trying to find the right staffing agency to assist with your hiring needs? Here are some of the questions you should ask in order to find the best fit for your organization.

What industries and areas do you specialize in?

Before getting all the minor details, you want to be sure the recruiters have experience staffing for your industry specifically. Some agencies may specialize in factory work, and some agencies may only staff nurses. Partnering with an agency that specializes in your industry is the best option because the recruiters will know where to find candidates in your field, they may already have a pool of active job seekers for the position you’re looking to fill, and they can educate you on things such as appropriate salary ranges. In addition to specialties, check where the agency is located. You may find more success working with a local agency that knows the ins and outs of your area, rather than a national firm.

How many years have you been in business?

Nowadays, there are quite a few staffing agencies out there, large and small. It’s helpful to know how established the agency is and how long they have been successful, which will help set them apart from their competition. The longer they have been in business, the more experience and knowledge of the industry/area they will have.

What is your recruiting process?

The point of partnering with a staffing agency is to save you time and money during the hiring process. You will want to know exactly what it is you’ll be paying for, right? Ask the agency what they will do in order to find the best employees for your organization. Do they meet with each candidate before sending you the resume? Do they check references? Do they conduct skills testing? These are all important questions to ask before making your decision.

How responsive are your recruiters? Will I have one point of contact?

If the staffing agency answers your initial inquiry quickly, that’s a great start. If a problem arises or you have a staffing need, you are going to want to get in touch with a real person right away. Will you be working with one or multiple recruiters? Establishing a relationship with one recruiter in particular is a plus. That recruiter can get to know the ins and outs of your company and what kind of employees you look for so you won’t have to repeat your expectations to a different recruiter each time you have an opening.

What is your fee?

While the cost of hiring a direct hire employee or a temporary worker through a staffing agency is important, it shouldn’t be the only deciding factor. Choosing an agency on price alone will most likely mean that you will get a lower quality candidate or service from the agency. However, this is important information that should be discussed early on so there are no surprises. Most agencies will probably have you sign an agreement, so make sure you understand the terms.

What happens if an employee you provide doesn’t work out?

As a hiring manager, you will want to know that the agency will find you a replacement worker if you have an issue with a candidate they provide. Find out the agency’s policy regarding free replacements, if there is one.

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