Tips to Help you Select the Right Candidate for the Job

Have you been hiring the wrong candidates for your company’s open positions? Maybe it’s time to revisit and tweak your hiring selection process. The key is to move quick, but not too quick. Here are some tips to make sure you are making the best hiring decision possible:

Take a look at the big picture.

Some hiring managers get tunnel vision after reviewing an impressive resume (or are turned off by a poorly written one) and the rest is history. It’s essential to look at everything the candidate presents to you, big or little. Did they follow instructions throughout the application process? Did they take the time to write a custom cover letter tailored to your position? How were their interview skills? Did you check their references? Were their skills backed up by amazing test scores? Did they follow up with you after the interview? Don’t judge a candidate by their resume. One of these factors might be lacking, but all others could blow you away. The best talent is found this way!

Throw out the script.

You do need a core list of questions to ask each interviewee in order to give each individual an equal shot at getting the job. However, make the interview conversational rather than a robotic interrogation. Going off script a bit is a great way to learn a candidate on a personal level, and will ultimately help you decide if they’re a cultural fit for your organization.

Make them prove their skills!

Anyone can say that they have certain skills, but not everyone can actually back that up. Don’t be afraid to ask for the candidate to put on a presentation, answer a mock phone call, compose a writing sample, etc. to help you make the best hiring decision.

Ask for a second opinion internally.

However, do your best not to involve too many parties in the decision making process. Too many conflicting opinions can slow down the process, and you could end up losing all your top contenders to competitors.

Can you truthfully give the candidate what they want?

This is important in the candidate selection process. Make sure there is a clear understanding of what the candidate wants professionally, and make sure you can make that happen as their employer before extending a job offer. Otherwise, it’s not a good match in the long run, and you could be looking for their replacement sooner rather than later.

Don’t force it.

No matter how much pressure there is to quickly fill the position, there is always another solution. If you have an immediate need, consider hiring a temporary employee until you find a candidate with the skills and personality you are looking for. It’s also an option to bring on a candidate that you are on the fence about on a temporary basis while you continue to look. That individual may prove to be better than you originally thought, and you always have the option to hire them later!

Ready to hire? Freshen up your selection process accordingly in order to pick the candidates that not only have the skills and personality you are looking for, but will stay with your organization for years to come.