Looking to Change Your Career Path?

Need a career change? Whether you have been struggling to find a new job in your specific industry, or you’ve simply decided that you want to find a career path that is a better fit, you need to prepare for the challenge. 

Here are some quick tips to help you get ready for this big change:

First, make sure you are mentally prepared to handle the switch. Everyone handles change differently, and it’s important to understand the work you will need to put into your new career.

What are your strengths? Weaknesses? What are you passionate about? Have an honest brainstorm session with yourself and someone close to you. Pinpoint your transferable skills that can be utilized in ANY industry.

Do some research on your desired industry. Match the skills that are most valuable in your new career path to your strengths that you brainstormed. These are the skills you are going to want to showcase when you rebrand yourself. It’s more than okay if you’re missing some of the qualifications for a job you know you’ll love. Figure out where you need to improve, and push yourself! Take a class. Get a certification. An entire new degree isn’t always necessary.

Give it a test run, if possible. Make sure that this is the right career move for you. It might sound like your dream job, but you won’t know for sure until you experience it hands-on. If you’re fortunate enough to still have a job, try it on the side on a part-time basis. You could also see if job shadowing is an option.

Rebrand! Create fresh, relevant, re-worded material for both your resume and online presence. Make your switch convincing and believable, emphasizing those transferable skills. 

After your rebrand, connect with and reach out to appropriate and relevant contacts on LinkedIn. Join networking groups. Or better yet, reach out to a staffing agency. Our Staffing Managers are always talking to candidates about their backgrounds, recognizing their strengths and coming up with creative solutions to get them in positions that align with their skillsets and overall career goals.

Be realistic. Although some individuals may be lucky where their skills transfer quite nicely into a new career, others may have to start over in an entry-level role. This will be necessary to get the industry experience, but take it, prove yourself and show your worth!

It’s never too late to start over! Changing your career path is never easy, but sometimes it’s necessary for long-term happiness. Give your new career all you’ve got! Hard work always pays off.