Showcase your Soft Skills in 2020

Soft skills are the keys to professional relationships and future success.
If you got them, flaunt them!

Here’s why these kinds of skills should be acknowledged.

Your soft skills will get you promoted.

Companies are finally realizing the value of soft skills in the workplace and how these traits benefit their organization as a whole. A Master’s Degree, specific certifications and years of industry experience may still be enough to get anyone a great job. However, advancement options might be limited if you don’t possess the skills that make you great to work with. Soft skills can’t be simply tracked or measured, and they can’t be easily taught or memorized. But they are skills that take a professional’s career to the next level, and set a leader apart from their peers.

Unique human traits can’t be replaced by technology.

If you’re starting to worry about your career as AI continues to impact businesses, strong interpersonal skills will help you stay afloat in the future workplace. Robots can’t provide a human empathetic touch!

Other examples of soft skills that will give you an upper hand:

  • Leadership skills, ability to resolve conflict
  • Creativity
  • Adaptability
  • Collaboration/teamwork
  • Ability to work under pressure
  • Grit

Soft skills are almost always transferable to different industries and career paths.

If you’re looking to get into a completely new industry, showcase your soft skills on your resume and be sure to bring light to them during your interviews. Leadership skills and creative talents are invaluable, and you can bring these skills with you to almost any industry. Again, some companies are willing to overlook the lack of experience and are willing to train. Let your personality shine, and have references to back you up.

Hoping to sharpen some of these skills? Although you can’t simply learn traits that come naturally to some people, you can observe others’ habits and start incorporating these habits into your own daily routine.

Whether you are gainfully employed, looking for a promotion, or actively job searching, remember to showcase your irreplaceable traits and work habits. You got this!