Hate your new job? Give it time.

Ready to quit moments after starting your new job? Hold tight. Before you throw in the towel, make sure you’re not only being patient, but realistic. Being the new employee is an intimidating challenge, and you have to give it a fair amount of time to improve and feel familiar.

Be aware of the adjustment period.

When you start a new job, keep in mind that it isn’t only a change for you, but the company needs to adjust as well. You’re new, and you will probably make mistakes. Don’t let this frustrate you or get you down. You have to be patient as you work on proving yourself to your new team. Everyone needs to earn their stripes at a new company. Things aren’t going to be perfect during this transitional period, and this awkward time should pass!

Busy = Growth

Do you feel like quitting already because you’re not used to the heavy workload? As you move up in your career, your workload is going to increase. This should be expected in a new job. Although it may feel like you’re drowning at first, it will feel less chaotic once you master your duties.

Put in an effort to make it feel familiar.

Remember your last job that you hated? Well, you might start to think you miss it. While your new, unfamiliar job might make you feel that way, remember that you left for a reason. Before you complain that you feel alone and out of place, think about the efforts you’ve put in to improve the situation.

What made you feel at home at your last job? Was it your office or your work friends? Decorate your office or desk to make it more personable and homey. Get a cool plant and a trendy frame filled with your favorite photo.

Make your own effort to fit in with your new coworkers. Start by inviting someone to grab coffee on lunch. A tip to fitting in is to make sure you start picking up on pet peeves as the days go on, too. If someone is complaining about the broccoli someone heated up for lunch or someone is angry the intern let the conference room door slam again, avoid doing the same. Also, if you’re starting out at a large organization, watch out for cliques. It’s in your best interest to make an effort to get along with everyone, especially as a newbie.


New people, new tasks, new software programs, new office space – it’s obvious everything might seem overwhelming for a few months. Unfortunately, very few things in life turn out exactly as expected, and you need to be realistic that things won’t always be perfect at your new job. Find a way to make it work for you!

If you believe you’ve given your new job enough time to improve with no change in sight, make sure you have exhausted all avenues before quitting. Speak to your supervisor about your options, and present to them possible solutions to your problems.

Keep working hard to achieve those successful results you desire!