Lost your job? 4 tips to help you bounce back

“Our jobs are much more than just the way we make a living. They influence how we see ourselves, as well as the way others see us. They give us structure, purpose, and meaning.” – HelpGuide

Embarrassed, worthless, and depressed are just a few of the damaging emotions that come along with getting fired. Although this is never an easy thing for anyone to deal with, you must continue to move forward! Here’s what you should be doing after you lose your job to get the fresh start you need.

Deal with your emotions.

It’s okay to take some time to feel sorry for yourself. Actually, it’s recommended. Process all the angry and sad emotions you are feeling before jumping into your job search. You want to start your search on a positive note and you don’t want to bring bitter emotions into your upcoming interviews. Don’t sulk for too long, though! You’re the only one moving yourself forward.

Although you may want to isolate yourself during this time, don’t deal with your emotions alone. Rant to your support system. More people can probably relate to your situation than you think. Not only will they bring up your spirits, but they can also remind you how great you are and encourage you to keep going.

Again, people lose their jobs more often than it may seem. Read uplifting stories of how they turned things around to get yourself motivated to do the same.

Reflect on your last position.

Do you believe that your last position was the right fit for you? Take time to honestly evaluate why you were let go. If you can pinpoint mistakes, make sure those mistakes don’t carry over to your next position. If it’s time to sharpen your skills, see if there are classes you can take or a certification you can obtain. Now is the perfect time to do so! Maybe, it’s just time to explore a whole different career path that better suits your strengths, and that’s okay, too.

Stay in a routine.

Structure is always important. While unemployed, it’s easy to fall out of your daily 9-5 routine. While you might sleep in a little longer than you used to, try to stay on a healthy, normal sleep schedule. Your job search is your job, and you should still have a set schedule. Not only will this consist of browsing the newest job postings and connecting with people on LinkedIn, but schedule in time for yourself, too. Exercising and volunteering are both great ways to beat the job search blues. Working out will lift your mood and confidence, and volunteering will boost your self-worth while potentially teaching you new skills to add to your resume.

Know your resources.

There are many career resources to help you in your search, but partnering with a staffing agency is particularly beneficial. There is no cost for job seekers, you’ll gain another set of eyes looking with you, and it’s a great way to explore opportunities that may not be posted anywhere else. If you don’t want to work with a “temp agency,” we’ll remind you that the majority of our positions are direct hire. However, temporary work during this time may be a great idea as well to earn some income and additional experience while you continue your search.

Coping with job loss can be extremely difficult, but don’t give up. Use your time wisely while you are unemployed and stay focused to land your best job yet!