🚩6 Interview Red Flags that Job Seekers Shouldn’t Ignore

Hiring is expensive, and hiring managers should be asking all of the right interview questions to avoid a costly hiring mistake. Of course they are going to be looking for red flags during the interview, but you should be doing the same. A bad career move can be costly for you as well, so here are some red flags you should be looking for during an interview.

No Respect for Time🚩

The hiring manager’s time is valuable, but so is yours. If you find yourself still hanging out up front with the receptionist 20 minutes after your scheduled interview time, take note. It’s also a red flag if the interviewer seems distracted and rushes through the interview. Everyone has busy days, but is this how it will always be if you choose to work for this company?

No Preparation🚩

Once you’re in the meeting, does it seem like the interviewer is familiar with your resume? It shouldn’t be their first time viewing it, and they should have appropriate questions prepared. If they aren’t focused or prepared to find the right fit for their position, view this as a red flag.

Vague Answers🚩

Are you getting short, vague answers to the questions you’re asking during the interview? If they haven’t finalized the job description before the interview, and seem to be unsure what exactly you will be doing, be cautious. Make sure all of your questions get a clear response before accepting a job offer.


“What do you enjoy most about working here?” is an important question to ask the person interviewing you. The interviewer should be trying to sell the company during the interview. If they have anything but positive things to say, this is not a good sign. Speaking of negative remarks, the hiring manager also shouldn’t be bad mouthing the previous person in the role, or the person they are trying to replace. What will they say about you if you accept?

Personality Clash🚩

Not only should the interviewer be pleasant to you in general, but they should make an effort to connect on a personal level as well. Does it seem to be a personality fit? It doesn’t matter if the interviewer has an outgoing or dry personality, as long as it’s a personality you know you work well with. Did other employees poke their head in during the interview? Did you pass any staff members in the hall? Another tip is to observe how the hiring manager interacts with other employees to get a feel for the work environment.

Rushed Offer🚩

Smells like desperation. If they offer you the position on the spot, be careful. The company could just be desperate to fill the role without fully considering if it’s a good fit, which can be problematic for you and them in the long run. However, companies do need to move fast in this job market. If you feel like it’s the perfect fit, make sure you had enough time to think it over and do any additional research.

Keep an eye out for red flags from the moment you arrive at the initial interview all the way to the offer letter. Not every company is going to have the perfect interview process, but be cautious and do your research before making your next career move.