5 Perks Your Employees Want This Summer

In a city where winter just lingered until late April, failing to be flexible as an employer during the summer months is a mistake too many organizations make. You can’t blame your employees for being a bit distracted when the summer weather finally hits, so it’s important to offer summer employee benefits that will keep them as motivated and on track as possible. Here are 5 ways to make work more enjoyable this summer for your staff.

Flexible Schedule

Offer flexibility outside of the usual 9-5 work day during the summer. There are a lot of ways this could be done, but it’s a popular summer trend to let employees leave early on Fridays or even close the office for a few Fridays, if appropriate. If letting employees work from home is an option, some employees may enjoy working remote on their patio once a week. If these simply are not options for your company, encourage the workaholics to use their vacation time to enjoy the weather. Take vacation time yourself to set a good example.

Casual Dress Code

For employees who aren’t facing customers and clients, it’s a common summer benefit to let them dress more casually. Open-toed summer wedges and a floral dress can still look professional, and men can wear a nice polo to dress up their shorts.

Work Picnic

Treat your employees to a day out in the sun to enjoy each other’s company. Plan a company picnic during or after work hours. This gives employees something to look forward to outside of the office. (Hint: Most Buffalonians love a good game of cornhole or KanJam.) If you have a small team or don’t have enough time to plan this year, you could always treat your staff to patio drinks once in awhile. These types of activities are great for team building.

Office Competition

If you have a competitive staff, takes advantage of this during the summer months. Sign your organization up for a softball or kickball league as another fun team building activity that gets your employees outside. Another beneficial idea is spark up some friendly competition during work hours. Create summer sales goals and offer awards for the winners. The idea of competing will help your employees stay focused, even when they would rather be at the beach.

Outside Office Seating

Simply placing a seating area outside is a perk employees will love. Not only can employees sit outside and enjoy their lunch, but it can also be used for work purposes. If a meeting is necessary, have it outside. You would be surprised how much fresh air brightens one’s mood.

Summer will be here before we know it! Find a good balance between giving your employees a little freedom to enjoy the sunshine while still having set rules and expectations in place. The majority of the options above are cheap and easy solutions that can make all the difference in your workplace this summer.