Hiring Tips to Consider in a Candidates’ Market

According to March 2018 statistics, the New York State unemployment rate still remains the lowest it has been in over 10 years. With over 30 years of experience in the staffing industry, it has been obvious to our recruiters at Key Resource Group that the amount of active job seekers is significantly lower than years past. The candidates are calling the shots and your hiring strategy needs to be focused on speed and flexibility now more than ever. Here are some hiring tips to succeed when job candidates are scarce.

Ditch your checklist.

It’s important that you are open-minded during the hiring process, especially in today’s candidate-driven market. The thought that you are going to find a candidate that checks off all of your boxes isn’t realistic. Waiting around for this “perfect” candidate will drag out the hiring process, causing candidates with great potential to land jobs elsewhere. If a candidate doesn’t have the degree that you are requiring or hasn’t used the exact software your organization uses, this shouldn’t automatically put them in the “no” pile. Instead of focusing on what skill a candidate is missing, work on seeing their value and potential.

Keep in mind that you can teach skills, but you can’t teach character.

Hire a person, not a resume. Adaptability, confidence, and positivity are some of the qualities that make up an engaged and long-term employee, and a potential leader. Look for transferrable skills when interviewing candidates. Is the candidate a team player? Effective communicator? These are qualities that simply cannot be taught. Hire based on character and have training programs in place to mold these hard workers into the employees you need.

Offer professional and leadership development.

Offering leadership development, professional development, and skills training at your organization not only will develop your employees to be everything you want them to be, but these programs help attract top candidates as well. Employees value a company that will provide them with opportunities to grow and expand their knowledge. These programs make them feel appreciated and in return, they will be loyal and work their hardest.

In a candidates’ market, it’s important to hire bright, reliable, and engaged job seekers when you get the chance. Without the right attitude and willingness to learn, qualifications only go so far. Next time you are hiring for an open position, whether it be entry-level or a leadership position, work on being open-minded and flexible without your “perfect candidate” checklist in hand.