Why Temporary Employees Aren’t Always the Answer

Hiring a temporary employee can be a great solution for many situations. However, we find that there are many times companies reach out seeking temporary help not knowing that it may be more beneficial to search for a permanent employee instead. Here’s why hiring an employee on a temporary basis can work against you when a permanent employee is really what your company needs.

Drastically Reduces Your Candidate Pool

A temporary position severely limits the amount of candidates that are going to be interested. A high percentage of candidates that would be a great fit for your opening are currently employed elsewhere. It’s very unlikely that these candidates are going to leave their permanent position to take on a position that is only temporary. Don’t limit yourself to a reduced candidate pool. The only people that a staffing agency can provide to you on a temporary basis are candidates that aren’t working, which causes you to miss out on great talent.

Loyalty Issues

Candidates are thrilled to take on a temporary position…until a permanent opportunity arises. The candidate was most likely actively job searching before they started the temporary role and it’s very likely they will continue to search after, hoping to land a direct hire opportunity. Knowing that the position is only for a limited amount of time, temporary employees can’t promise you the loyalty they would normally give your company in a permanent role.

Team Disconnect = Decreased Productivity

With temporary employees in and out of your workplace, it’s difficult to develop that “team environment” everyone hopes for. This can affect your permanent employees’ work performance, which could unravel into other issues.

Sometimes, businesses just need coverage for a maternity leave or simply have a small project that needs to be completed. In situations like these, temporary employees are a great answer. However, if you plan on filling this role with a permanent employee eventually, putting in a temporary worker in the meantime might not be the best solution.

In order to find the best candidates possible, ask Key Resource Group about direct hire or temp-to-hire placement. Your company will attract many more talented candidates, employee loyalty will improve, and your staff can form steady work relationships to get the job done.