Interview Tips: Buffalo Winter Edition

It’s that time again, Buffalo! With snow in the forecast, we’re bundling up and preparing ourselves for the long winter season ahead. After over three decades of successfully placing candidates in the Buffalo area, we are no stranger to the struggles Buffalo weather can bring. However, don’t let the cold temperatures put your job search on hold! Here are some tips to still make a “hot” first impression in the cold Buffalo weather.

Check the Forecast

Winter conditions should not be used an excuse to show up late to your interview. If the forecast shows snowy or icy conditions, you should plan plenty of extra time for travel.

Call to Confirm

If the weather is really rough, call or email the person you are meeting with to make sure they are still available. Sometimes offices will close due to weather, so it doesn’t hurt to check in before you make the drive. If you feel uncomfortable making the commute, call/email to reschedule. Deciding not to make the drive last minute without letting the interviewer know is never an option. That will ruin all chances for you to interview with that company in the future.

Layer Up

In this case, less ISN’T more. Your summer interview outfit isn’t going to cut it, and you will look silly trying. You never know if the office you are interviewing at is going to be hot or cold, so layers will be necessary. This takes planning, as each layer will need to look professional. Try to avoid anything you will have to pull over your head mid-interview.  Simply wear something you can slip off your shoulders without interrupting the conversation if it gets too warm.

Change of Shoes

If there is snow on the ground, wear boots to the interview and change once you arrive. You don’t want to get your professional shoes covered in snow, but you also don’t want to wear your boots in an interview setting.

Be Respectful

If it’s snowing, chances are you’re bringing it in with you. Be mindful of this, and ask if there is somewhere to put your snowy coat and boots.

Wear Gloves

I’m sure you’ve reached your hand out to introduce yourself to someone before and were startled by a freezing hand in return. To keep your first impression strong, wear gloves before the interview to avoid this awkward handshake. You want the interviewer to focus on how you present yourself, not your cold hand.

BYOT (Bring your own tissues)

Ah, yes; the annoying runny nose. Unfortunately, we cannot avoid the body’s natural reaction to cold temperatures. If you have a far walk from your parking spot or the bus stop, come prepared with your own stash of tissues handy. It’s never a comfortable situation when you have to ask the receptionist if they have a spare tissue. Try to take care of this out in the lobby before walking in to maintain your professional demeanor.

Break the Ice

In Buffalo, we all love to joke about our winter or complain about the snow. If you’re feeling a bit nervous, use the weather to your advantage as a good icebreaker to get the conversation started.

Don’t let the Buffalo winter weather put a stop to your job search! It sure doesn’t stop our recruiters at KRG from interviewing awesome candidates. Apply to one of our openings today!