Why You Should Let Your Employees Work From Home

Flexibility and work life balance are key words that will attract any applicant looking for a new position. Allowing your employees to work from home is a great benefit to offer that promotes both of these things. This perk is becoming more than just a millennial trend that many companies are adapting, although we understand why you may be hesitant at first. It turns out that letting your employees work from home once in awhile not only benefits the employee, but also the business as a whole. Here’s how!

Draws More Talent

Sometimes the most highly skilled candidates can’t do a 9-5 schedule for personal reasons. Having to stay at home with children a couple days during the week or attend doctor appointments during the day are common life obstacles. Allowing your employees to work remotely when needed may increase your candidate pool to people who normally wouldn’t have applied.

Saves Money

On average, it takes 42 days to replace an employee according to SHRM. Think about all of the time and money spent on this process (Hey, KRG can help with that!). When your employees are happy, they stay longer. Offering this employee perk helps to reduce the cost of having to constantly hire and train new employees because your staff will appreciate that they are trusted and be loyal in return.

Agreeing to let your staff work from home on occasion can also be looked at as a small employee raise without having to increase salary. The employee is saving money on gas by eliminating the commute to the office and is more likely to stay in for lunch.

Lastly, if employees have the option to work from home, they are less likely to take a paid sick day when they have the option to stay at home and work.

Increases Productivity

And this is where we lose you. It’s difficult to wrap your head around how your employees could possibly be more productive at home with a TV, their bed, and all the other distractions that come along with it. However, there are several reasons that explain why employees are more productive at home. Employees that work at home feel obligated to go above and beyond since they aren’t physically in the office to remind their employer why they’re an asset. They don’t start the day frazzled after a stressful morning commute and they don’t have the constant distractions of co-workers or customers interrupting. And to be frank, they simply work harder because they don’t want the privilege to be taken away from them. Increased productivity = more success for your organization.

Understanding the importance of employee happiness and work life balance will lead to more success for your business in the future. We will note that working from home isn’t for everyone, and sometimes, it’s not even possible in certain fields or positions. However, making this employee benefit available in roles where it is possible will benefit your company in return.