How to Successfully Work with a Recruiter During Your Job Search

Looking for a new job? Partnering with a recruiter during your job search is a great way to explore opportunities that may not be posted anywhere else. Here are some tips to help you be as successful as possible when working with a staffing agency.


Sending your information to every staffing firm will be a waste of your time and theirs. First, you want to do some searching to make sure you are reaching out to an agency that specializes in your field. Once you have found one that is a good fit, learn their process. Every staffing agency has their own application process so find out what they require.


Interact with a recruiter the same way you would interact with any other hiring manager. If the agency invites you to their office for an interview or to fill out paperwork, dress as you would for any other interview. Your recruiter will be the one selling you to their clients so be sure that all means of communication are professional.

Honesty is the Best Policy

Recruiters are trying to make sure they place you in a position that will be a good fit for you and the company. Lying about previous employment, skills that you possess, or salary requirements will only end up backfiring in the end. If you aren’t able to do the job you were hired for, or you get a job offer but suddenly expect a lot more money, chances are you’ll burn your bridge with that staffing agency for not being upfront in the first place.

Soak in the Advice

If the recruiter takes the time to give suggestions on how to improve your resume or interview technique, take it! They know what it takes to get a job. Listen to what they have to say and act on it.

Be Respectful

Some of the positions your recruiter is working with are confidential. Any information they relay to you about their openings should be kept private. Be respectful and maintain their trust so they will continue to keep you in their pool for future openings.

Follow Instructions

If you are asked to call your recruiter after the interview to provide feedback, follow their instructions. The recruiter is the middleman between you and the company. If you try to break that system and contact the company directly, it will cause confusion and potentially ruin your relationship with that staffing firm. Make sure you are following the agency’s process correctly.


Communication is essential in order to get the most out of your experience with a staffing agency. If you are actively interviewing, let your recruiter know where. If you accepted another position, let the agency know you are no longer seeking new opportunities. Even while you’re currently employed, keep in touch with them once in awhile and let them know how things are going. This way, if something were to happen to your current role, you didn’t lose the relationship you already developed.

Return the Favor

The agency is trying to help you land a new job, so do what you can to help them in return. A way to boost your relationship with your recruiter is to give them referrals. If you come across any job seekers who are strong candidates for the positions your recruiter is hiring for, refer them! Maybe you aren’t interested in an opening your recruiter has presented to you, but you know someone that would be. They’ll greatly appreciate this and there could be a sweet referral bonus, too.

Who wouldn’t want another set of eyes while looking for a new job? Making the choice to partner with a staffing agency during your job search can give you access to openings that aren’t posted anywhere else while offering total confidentiality if you’re still employed. Key Resource Group is always searching for new talent in WNY! Check out how our application process works here.