Utilizing a Recruiter in your Job Search

Recruiters save you time, act as your advocate, and keep your job search confidential.

Regardless of what industry or city you’re in, searching for a new job can be a challenge. If you are employed, but looking for a new opportunity, you’re limited by time constraints and fears of your job search getting back to your employer. And if you’re unemployed, you also have financial worries that may affect your job search. You may be more likely to take the first job that comes along, rather than a job you will be happy in long-term. No matter your situation, it can be extremely frustrating to apply to vague job postings online that share little information about the position, pay, and the company.

This is where the benefits to working with a recruiter during your job search come to play.

Benefits of Working With a Recruiter

  • If a job description is unclear or you’re not sure you are qualified for the position, a recruiter can help answer your questions.
  • Recruiters know the salary range, hours, and benefits package including PTO/vacation time/retirement benefits for the position. This is information that usually is not made public. We won’t submit you for positions that don’t meet your qualifications.
  • We have great relationships with our clients. We know the office environment and history of the company, which can help you decide if the position is worth your while to pursue.
  • When your resume is presented by a recruiter, it is part of a smaller, select pool. Your resume will stand out from the crowd of online applicants.
  • Working with a recruiter makes it easier to navigate the job market while you’re currently employed. We’ll streamline the process so you don’t have to keep taking time off work and making excuses for why you are gone.
  • Confidentiality is key. Be assured that your recruiter has yours in mind, and will help you conduct your job search discretely.
  • We can help with the negotiation process when a job offer is presented. We are your cheerleader and want you to get the best offer possible.

What do you have to lose? Contact one of the recruiters in our office to help with your job search today.