Hiring Medical Support Staff

Top Tips for Hiring Medical Support Staff

Receptionists, Medical Billers and Coders, Medical Assistants. These are the people that truly keep your office running smoothly each and every day. So when it comes time to hiring medical support staff, it’s important to get it right. In a busy medical office, you quickly feel the pang of leaving these support positions open. For small offices, turnover among the support staff is much more costly than in the corporate world. Front desk and back office operations get more chaotic, the phones keep ringing, and patients will complain.

Next time you are looking to hire medical support staff for your office, consider the following:

Characteristics to Look for:

It’s very unlikely that you will find a candidate for your open position that has all the skills and exact knowledge needed for your position. Most likely you will be training them either on your specific software, or how your office procedures run. Candidates who are open-minded, inquisitive, and always looking to learn new things are going to be the ones who will succeed. You will be able to teach them what they need to know to be successful in your office environment.

You want your next hire to fit in with the rest of your group. In small offices, this is especially true because your support staff is working in close proximity on a daily basis. While each employee doesn’t have to be (and shouldn’t) be exactly the same, you do want personalities that are going to work well together.

Questions to Ask:

  1. What types of interactions do you have with patients?
  2. What tasks did you like about your most recent position?
  3. What sort of patient volume do you see every day?
  4. How many employees in the office are medical support staff? At the front desk? And in back office?
  5. Approximately how many invoices, bills, or patient files do you bill/code daily?
  6. What EMR do you use, and what is your experience level?

If you still struggle with hiring and retaining qualified medical receptionists, billers, and assistants, contact us today, we’re here to help. Key Resource Group has a dedicated team of recruiters who are highly experienced in filling these medical support staff positions for hospitals, medical groups, 3rd party billing companies, and sole practitioners. We know the job market here in Western New York and can help you with creative solutions to whatever staffing problem you have.