Update Your Resume in Just 5 Minutes

See how big an impact 5 minutes can have on your resume

Did you know that with only 5 minutes to spend, you can spruce up your resume?

Believe it or not, just giving your resume a second read through and quick spellcheck can pay off in a big way. As recruiters, we see hundreds of resumes a day. It’s rare that we find one without a single grammatical or spelling error.

Having errors on your resume is a red flag for hiring managers. After all, if you can’t be bothered to make your resume, a document designed to sell your experience and background to a company, perfect, then what will you let slide on the job.

When it comes to reviewing your resume, one of the first things to look for is the tense you are using. Current jobs should be described in the present tense, and former ones in the past. Sounds simple, right? A lot of times though, people just add their new job to the top of the resume and forget to give the old sections a look through.

When it comes to spelling errors, things get a little trickier. We’ve all dealt with autocorrect issues and questions over what version of their, there, or they’re to use. Spellcheck isn’t perfect. Often the program doesn’t recognize all words that you mean to type. Specifically software programs, company names, and even some town/city names aren’t recognized. To make sure that you have spelled them correctly, take the time and do a quick Google search.

Commonly misspelled words

  • Experience (often the e and i are switched)
  • Paid (often spelled payed)
  • Laid off (often spelled layed off)
  • Principle (often the spelling of principal is used for the meaning of principle)
  • PowerPoint (often spelled powerpoint)
  • Bookkeeping (often spelled bookeeping)

And finally, make sure your name and contact information is correct. (You won’t believe how many times people misspell their own name.)

Now that your resume is all set, head on over to our job board, and use it to apply for one of our open positions.