Discovering Purpose-oriented Employees

A recent study published by Imperative and LinkedIn Talent Solutions, dove into identifying what it is that makes people motivated in the workplace. On a whole, companies that are purposed-oriented are more effective and successful. So what does purposed-oriented really mean?

Purpose-oriented employees prioritize work that matters to them, their company, and the world, over work that would lead to more money and advancement. It’s not to say that they don’t want to be successful, but rather that the focus of their work is for the bettering of the company and society over the individual. Ironically enough, it is these purpose-oriented people who are more successful in their careers. The study found that 73% of purpose-oriented employees are satisfied in their current jobs. They are also more likely to be in leadership and management positions.

So how can you find purposed-oriented employees for your organization? It all starts with your interview process and plan. Asking the right kind of questions during the interview can help you find the employees that will lead your company to success.

These questions are designed to identify purpose-oriented employees:

  1. If you could retire tomorrow, what would you do?
  2. People who are purpose-oriented view retirement not as a time to do nothing, but an opportunity to challenge themselves whether through part-time work, volunteering, or learning something new.

  3. Who are you still close to from your previous jobs?
  4. Purpose-oriented people often form close relationships with their co-workers. Relationships that have lasted the test of time show that they will be team players who care about their colleagues.

  5. How have you made major decisions throughout your career?
  6. Making the decision to leave your job for a new one is tough for anyone. Purpose-oriented people make career decisions because of their desire to do more and have a bigger impact on an organization/industry. They are less likely to take a new job simply for more money. These are the individuals that will have a big impact on your organization, because they are job searching for the right reasons.