Seasonal Job Opportunities: 101

The holiday season is upon us. With that brings of joy, excitement, and expense. But there is a financial and professional silver lining you may be overlooking; seasonal job opportunities. Besides traditional big box retailers, there are thousands of seasonal job opportunities in restaurants, in the e-commerce and travel industries, and in general offices to fill in for employees on vacations.

Here are 5 reasons why you should consider taking a seasonal job:

Reduce employment gaps on your resume.

Employers understand that seasonal jobs are temporary, so having seasonal jobs on your resume doesn’t make you look jumpy at all. In fact, by taking a seasonal job during a period of unemployment shows potential employers that you are motivated and willing to do what it takes.

Get practice at interviewing.

Getting your resume together and going out on interviews is hard work. There’s a reason no one actually enjoys job searching. The more times you can go on an interview, the better. Interviewing for seasonal jobs gives you the opportunity to become familiar with the types of questions you are asked, which will make you feel more comfortable and at ease in the situation.

More on the job experience.

Every job, whether it’s related to your career path or not, provides opportunities to learn new skills, leading to personal and professional growth. Taking a seasonal job can also be a way to determine what type of job or company you would prefer to work for.

Some work is better than no work.

This is especially true if you have the chance to earn more money than you would get from unemployment, or if your unemployment has already run out.

Can lead to full-time job opportunities.

A seasonal job could be your way in the door at a large company. Taking an entry-level customer service or mailroom job during the holidays can be your chance to make a great first impression on managers who are responsible for making hiring decisions. In many companies, managers get to make recommendations on which seasonal workers will be offered full-time jobs after the busy season is over.

Companies are hiring now for the holiday season, so if you are interested in a seasonal job, don’t wait, now’s the time to apply!