Do’s and Don’ts for Combating Stress in the Workplace

Workers at all levels of an organization can have related to their jobs. Stress isn’t so much dependent on the specific position, as it is the way the individual person fits in their environment. Common stressors in the workplace often include worries over layoffs, company mergers, changing jobs, implementing software, and the physical work setting. Some stress in the workplace is normal, and even expected, however high levels of stress can have negative effects on your productivity at work and can carry over to affect your mental and physical health.

While you may not be able to eliminate all of your stressors, there are ways to cope with that stress in a healthy manner.

• Approach situations like a problem-solver
• Put problems into perspective. Not everything is a crisis.
• Set priorities and tackle tasks in an organized fashion.
• Find a constructive way to express your emotions.
• Exercise. Even just taking a short walk around the block can help mitigate the effects of stress.

• Take work related problems personally
• Try to assign blame
• React as if every problem is a crisis.
• Be a control freak
• Suffer in silence if something is really bothering use.
• Turn to alcohol or drugs to reduce and/or mask the signs of stress.

For more information on workplace stress, check out the resources provided by The American Institute of Stress.