New Year, New Career

There’s something about a new year – a fresh start and new beginnings – that causes people to start searching for their next career.  Now is a great time to start reflecting on your past experiences, both successes and failures, to plan for the future.  Below are some easy tips that can be used to help set your new career goals.


  • Take an inventory of your skills.  Make a list of your skills that you would like to develop and continue to use in your new career.
  • Update your resume.  Include any specific projects you worked on or accomplishments you achieved in 2013.
  • Use your social network.  Talk to your friends, previous co-workers, and the rest of your network about your potential career move.  They can give you good advice and let you know of openings you may be interested in.
  • Volunteer.  If you have little experience in your desired field, or find yourself unemployed, volunteering can be a great chance to gain valuable experience and make connections that can help in your career search.
  • Consider going back to school.  If you never finished out your degree, or graduate school was always in the cards for you, use the start of the new year as your reasoning to continue your education.  After all, there’s no time like the present.
  • Don’t give up.  Applying to jobs can be frustrating.  Many times you never hear back from companies, or simply receive a “thanks for applying” email.  Don’t let them discourage you from your search.  Keep applying to positions you are qualified for and interested in.
  • Speak with a recruiter.  Recruiters can be a great resource for someone looking for a new career.  Recruiters often work in a specialized industry and/or region, of which they are knowledgeable on the requirements and specific skills companies are looking for.


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