Top Candidates vs. Top Employees

It’s happened to every company at some point in time.  That candidate you thought was perfect during the interview process isn’t turning out like you thought they would.  So what was the problem?


Simply being a good interviewer doesn’t correlate into being a good employee.  Each requires different skills and attributes to be regarded as great.  We consider good interviewers to be articulate, presentable, inquisitive and confident.  However, the attributes that make good employees are more along the lines of someone who is highly motivated, a team player, and great at problem solving.


The key to making the right hiring decision is asking a combination of specific behavioral questions to delve deeply into a candidate’s experiences.  Rather than asking generic open-ended questions about their background, the hiring manager should ask detailed follow up questions to determine what exactly they are capable of and if they will be able to perform the job successfully.


Our latest Key Ideas article explores the differences that exist between top candidates and top employees, while offering tips to ensure you find the best employees for your organization.