It’s a Good Time to be an Introvert

It seems like lately everyone’s talking about introverts – it was even the subject of a New York Times bestseller, “Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking” by Susan Cain.  Our latest issue of Career Club delves into this personality trait to discuss how to overcome shyness at work and how to beat shyness in your next interview.


Even the most confident job seeker may fear being perceived as timid or too soft spoken in a job interview. To combat this:
•    Practice your answers. Careful preparation is a great confidence booster. Ask a friend or relative to mock interview you, using commonly asked interview questions.
•    Think out loud.  When asked a question, avoid giving one-word answers.  Instead adopt the practice of verbalizing your thought processes-something which naturally shy people typically tend not to do.
•    List the positive characteristics that come with your shyness. It’s okay to mention these in an interview! For example, say that while you might be an understated person, it makes you analytical, observant and a good listener.


So the next time you’re nervous or anxious about asserting yourself, remember these quick tips that can help with your shyness.
•    Keep your strengths and positive attributes in the front of your mind. You’ll feel more relaxed and confident remembering things you’re good at.
•    Ask more questions. Not only will you get the focus off yourself, but by showing interest in the topic at hand,  you can improve your camaraderie with your coworkers.
•    Finally, practice, practice, practice.  Before any presentation or speech, make sure you’re an expert on the topic.  Give your speech to family or friends.  Use the presentation space if possible.  You will feel more comfortable and confident, which will lead to great success and achievements in the workplace.