What to Do About Poor Employee Engagement


A recent Gallup survey shows that employee engagement in the United States is only at 30%.  This means that the other 70% are either disinterested or have a lackadaisical attitude towards their work and/or their employer.  Obviously it’s important to have high levels of employee engagement in the workplace, as this leads to higher profitability, customer satisfaction, and decreased turnover among employees.  So what can you do to increase employee engagement in your organization?


  • Foster an environment of employee self-determination.  People generally do their best when they are empowered to make their own decisions.
  • Communicate as clearly as possible.  Employees should know their expectations and the values and ethics of the company.
  • Get to know your employees personally.  Find out their career goals, what’s happening in their lives, etc.  Make them feel important!
  • Make engagement contagious.  Use social media to recognize accomplishments and achievements.  Employees that are proud of their accomplishments will be both happy and engaged at work.
  • Offer simple rewards and incentives, whether monetary or otherwise.
  • Try to get feedback on your performance as a manager.  Openness and honesty will lead to respect for you and the organization.


Since everyone is motivated by different things, once you find out what works for your team, department or organization, replicate it.  When a balance between self-motivation and incentives is reached, your organization will run more efficiently, productivity will increase, and your employees will also be much happier.


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