Why You Should Consider a Temporary-to-Hire Position

When you’re searching for a job, it’s tempting to filter temporary work out of your results and focus only on full-time positions. But this strategy could be making your job search more difficult. Even though the recession may seem like a distant memory now, it still has an impact on hiring today. Many companies are still working with a smaller pool of employees and are more likely to hire temporary help to deal with temporary demand than they are to hire new full-time employees. So here’s why you should consider a temporary position:

You can get back to work faster.

When a company hires temporary workers, it’s often based on an urgent, specific need, which means that often the hiring process can go much faster. Of course, the faster you’re hired, the faster you have a paycheck to cash. You also can take a break from job hunting if you choose, or at least do so less urgently.

Your skills won’t get rusty.

A temporary job in your field is an opportunity to sharpen all of the tools in your business toolbox. Not only do you get to continue to use your talents in your position, but you also have the opportunity to network with people in your field and fill potential time gaps in your resume that would be there if you held out for a full-time position.

You may be offered a full-time position.

While there are no guarantees, temporary work can often lead to a contract or full-time job. It’s an easy way to get a foot in the door and an opportunity for you to work hard and let your skill set shine. Even if the position you’re in turns out to be a dead end, you may be able to find another through your network.

One of the easiest ways to get hired as a temporary worker is to use a staffing company. If you’re interested in exploring temporary work, contact a recruiting specialist at Key Resource Group today! We have many great job opportunities in Western New York – apply now!