Affordable “Perks” to Show Temp and Contract Employees They are Appreciated

How do you show your temporary and contract employees that they’re appreciated. Well, the first thing to remember is to treat them just like your other employees. But you can do more than that. Perks are a great way to show appreciation, and they don’t have to cost a fortune. Here are some ideas of how to reward all of your employees, even your permanent staff.

Use your words.

This one is so affordable, it’s free! When someone has done a good job, let them know how much they’re appreciated. Don’t just tell your temporary or contract employee; make sure to tell the agency that you used to hire them, too. A little praise goes a long way to making employees feel like they’re valued in your office.

Be flexible with your schedule.

If it’s possible, allow your employees to have some leeway. Let them work from home once a week. If your employees have children, check when your local school district has half days. Consider letting your employees have half days, too, so they don’t have to arrange for childcare. If they get all their work done ahead of time, this is a fantastic perk that doesn’t cost you anything.

Bring perks to the office.

Many professionals will come to your office for a reasonable fee. You can bring in a yoga teacher for a monthly stress-relieving class, or a company to give discounted car washes in the parking lot. You can even have a speaker come in to teach your employees a valuable skill like personal finance or meal planning.

Make your office fun.

Investing in your office is a bit more expensive upfront, but it can pay off in the long run for your regular employees as well as for your temporary and contract workers. You can start with something as basic as a nice coffee machine, or something bigger like game tables or an office gym.

Do you need some more ideas about how to make sure your staff is appreciated? Get in touch with Key Resource Group. We have experience with human resources and hiring for temporary and contract employees, and we’d be happy to help you and your company