The Objective Statement is Dead

Trends are constantly changing, and it’s no different when it comes to your professional résumé. If you haven’t had to look for a new job in several years, know that there’s probably much more to update on your résumé than just your most recent position. Similar to the phrase “References available upon request”, the objective statement is dead.

Objective: To obtain an accounting position with your organization that will utilize my skillset.

Well, since you applied to the position, it’s obvious that this is your main goal, bringing zero value to your résumé. However, this is what everyone was taught to put at the top of their résumé for many years in some variation. We still see objective statements often. But why use up important space on your résumé with something so generic and obvious? Let’s elaborate further.

Instead of an objective statement, here’s what you should be putting at the top of your résumé:

A professional summary. And here’s why. Objectives briefly state what YOU want out of the employer. However, job seekers should be using every inch of their resume to sell their skillset and grab the attention of potential employers. Instead of the essentially pointless objective statement, start off your résumé strong with a professional summary explaining the most impressive skills you bring to the table. Highlight your background in 1-3 short, well-written sentences. Remember to tailor this statement, along with your entire résumé, to the position you are applying for. Bullet points are great, too.

Your résumé space is precious! During your next résumé update, ditch the generic objective statement in exchange for a shiny and well-executed professional summary that will intrigue any employer.

Feeling stuck? Here are some excellent examples to get you going: