Need Immediate Help? Utilize Temporary Workers

While we continue the re-opening of our region, there is still a lot of uncertainty. None of us can predict the future, and some businesses still aren’t comfortable hiring employees to their staff on a direct hire basis without knowing for sure how re-opening will impact our area.

To avoid the long-term commitment, utilize our temporary staffing services. Temporary employees could be the perfect solution when you need immediate help putting the pieces back together. Not only will your business get the help it needs without the obligation, but you will also be putting someone in our community temporarily back to work who needs/wants to be working.

Take advantage of the flexibility! Experienced temp workers are accustomed to change and switching gears quickly. Our employee will go into your project/assignment knowing that they are only working with your team temporarily. However, you always have the option to hire the employee for the long haul later on when the future of your industry becomes more clear.

We understand that cost is a concern, especially right now. Key Resource Group is offering substantial savings on our temporary and payroll services until the end of this month (June 2020). And as always, utilizing our temporary services will cut your payroll expenses, too (employee benefits, unemployment insurance, workers’ comp, etc.).

We are here to carefully deliver the talent you need to restart our economy.  We have been providing staffing solutions to our local community for over thirty-five years, and are committed to helping you stay productive while also keeping your costs and expenses down.

Talk to us today about your urgent staffing needs!