Is the one-page résumé a thing of the past?

Is the one-page résumé a thing of the past?

Yes and no.

Let’s break down this question into two.

  1. Is it okay if a résumé is only one page? Yes.
  2. Does a résumé have to fit onto one page? No! This one-page “rule” comes from a time when résumés were faxed to an employer or recruiter. This is outdated advice.

Yes, less is more when it comes to a professional résumé. However, you should never take off important or relevant accomplishments simply because you’re worried about your résumé being too lengthy. There have been times when our recruiters discovered great information about a candidate’s work history during an interview and wondered why that information wasn’t displayed on their résumé. More often than not, the candidate will confess that they were under the impression that their résumé had to fit on one page.

So many aspects of the job search process are stressful, but the length of your résumé should not be one of them. “One size fits all” does not apply in this situation, and it’s an old school “rule” that all of your professional experience needs to fit on one page.

Trying to decide if you need an additional page? Go onto that next page if you find yourself:

  • Decreasing font size to a point where the words are no longer readable
    • 10-12 pt. font is ideal
  • Reducing the margins
    • Standard is 1” on all sides
  • Creating columns or getting extra creative with the format to try and cram everything in
    • Not only are these fancy formats more difficult for an ATS to read, but it’s hard for a recruiter to decide where their eyes are supposed to go first. There may be too much happening on one page for them to focus on what you want them to.

Forget about the length and focus on creating an easy, organized read. Paragraphs may condense your résumé, but these blocks of text are intimidating and take too much time to read. Bullet points are easier on the eye and can be quickly skimmed through when needed. If breaking down your paragraphs into bullet points takes your résumé onto additional pages, this is more than okay.

Leave the one-page rule in the past! Focus on including what’s truly relevant for the job you are applying for, and creating a clean, easy-to-read résumé.