Not Getting Interviews?

Before you put full blame on a company for not bringing you in for an interview, make sure you’ve covered all of your bases in the process.

Here is where job candidates fall flat in the initial interview stages:

Applying to every opening the company or staffing agency has available. Recruiters will have trouble taking you seriously if you’re applying to anything and everything. They’ll be confused what kind of role you are actually interested in pursuing, and move on to another candidate.

Having too much or too little on social media. Have an online presence, but keep it classy. Check your privacy settings and make sure future employers cannot view your personal posts and remove anything completely inappropriate. Another note: if your LinkedIn picture is MIA or unprofessional, recruiters may believe you aren’t taking your job search seriously.

Showcasing career histories that don’t match. If your LinkedIn and resume don’t match up, recruiters might question your honesty and accuracy. Minor errors like this could cause you to miss out on an opportunity, so be sure to double check.

Failure to respond timely (or at all). I know it may seem like common sense, but it’s important to promptly check, and respond to, your voicemails and emails daily when you’re looking for a new job. To add to this, be 100% positive that your voicemail isn’t full and set up properly.

Appearing uninterested when a recruiter calls. If you’re interested in the position, make sure it comes through in your voice. Smile as you speak to avoid sounding bored or unsure of yourself. Remember to prepare for a phone screen prior, even if it’s going to be brief.

Hold yourself accountable in your job search. Perfecting your resume is only part of the battle, and it’s important not to let somewhat obvious tasks slip away from you.

Get out there and land the job you know you deserve!