IT Staffing 101

Sick of waiting around for an outside IT or marketing company to fix urgent technical matters at your office? As your company continues to grow, you may find the need to hire someone in-house to help with your IT necessities.

If filling an Information Technology position is foreign to your business, you may not know what to expect when it comes to hiring an IT employee.

Whether you’re looking for a Help Desk Specialist, Systems Administrator, Web Programmer, etc., KRG is well-versed in the IT industry and has partnered with many Buffalo organizations to help them fill their IT openings. With that said, we do know what to expect with candidates in the field.

Here are some unique tips to consider when interviewing IT professionals:

Contract Work is the Norm

Hiring managers fear “job hoppers” – so much so that they decline interviewing the candidate because of their jumpy past. We always mention that resumes only tell a small part of a candidate’s story, and this goes for IT candidates, too. Although these professionals may appear to have had many jobs, this is due to the nature of the industry and in-demand contract work. A “jumpy” job history is something that is seen often in this field.

People skills?

Some IT jobs, such as Web Developer and Computer Programmer, are often listed under ‘best jobs for introverts.’ If you are looking to hire a help desk candidate, they not only need the technical skills, but also the right personality traits. Not all technically talented individuals are going to have the sociable, helpful personality you are seeking, but they are out there. This new hire will need to be personable and extremely patient, as they will be interacting with other employees who are not so technical.

Might Lack Industry Experience

In many cases, it’s understandable that you’re looking for your next new hire to have experience in your industry. However, in an IT role, industry experience isn’t necessarily a priority. If you work in the legal field, but the candidate has IT experience in accounting firms or manufacturing environments, it will still be worth your while to meet them. You may be concerned about your industry specific software, but these tech-savvy candidates are quick to learn new programs when needed.

Hiring IT candidates is not only challenging and different, the techy lingo can also be intimidating. When you’re ready to build your own IT team, contact one of our experienced staffing managers to handle the complicated screening process, and provide you with the best talent WNY has to offer.