6 Common Misconceptions of the Staffing Industry

Looking for an additional resource to continue building your business, but hesitant about partnering with a staffing agency? For over 35 years, recruiters at KRG have worked hard as a team to squash the myths and misconceptions floating around about our industry.

Here are some the most common misconceptions we clear up for local organizations on a regular basis.

Misconception: Staffing agencies only help companies fill temporary positions.

Companies who haven’t worked with us before will call and ask if we are a temp agency. We do help organizations with their temporary staffing needs! However, only about a third of the positions we are recruiting for at any given time are temporary. A majority of our clients ask us to assist them in filling their direct hire positions, which is a service many businesses did not know that staffing agencies handled.

Misconception: Staffing firms only fill lower level positions.

Huge myth! Many companies we have never worked with before will only call us when they need a temporary receptionist, or need help with a filing project, as they think that’s all staffing agencies handle. KRG has placed countless candidates in upper level, direct hire positions. Director of Human Resources, Controller, Web Programmer, Attorney – you name it.

Misconception: The fee is too expensive.

Your initial thought might be, “Why would I pay a fee when I can just find these people myself?” We hear you. Who wouldn’t want to avoid paying a fee?

In this market, recruiting is HARD. Keep in mind, we dedicate all of our time to finding top talent in the area. The longer your position is open, the more money your company is losing. You’ll be less productive while you spend your workday searching for candidates and reviewing resumes, and your team is less productive trying to pick up the slack from being short-staffed.

Not only does a staffing agency decrease the amount of time your position is open and save you the time and energy to do your own job, KRG also composes the job posting, posts it on the appropriate job boards (many of which require an additional fee), direct recruits happily employed candidates, reviews their resumes, phone screens and meets with the candidates in person, sends necessary skill assessments, all while providing you with updated market knowledge along the way. To many businesses, the fee is worth it and reasonable.

Misconception: Staffing agencies will send any warm body.

“We only place a small percentage of the people we meet, and we would never send them to your organization if we didn’t deem them as having potential to succeed at your organization.” – Peggy Koch, President at Key Resource Group.

Although every staffing agency has their own process, KRG is not one to just send any old resume. Again, we phone screen, interview, and test every applicant before submitting them to any organization. We also take the time to visit the companies we partner with, so we are not only matching the skill set you require, but making sure it’s a cultural fit as well.

Another point worth noting: agencies normally don’t have “bodies” ready to be pulled from the shelf, especially in this job market. Although we have an enormous database, we often will need to direct recruit for a specific opening. When you come to KRG with a position you are looking to fill, we may need to start a new search due to specifics, such as location, skills required, etc.

Misconception: The hiring process takes a long time.

Unfortunately, the hiring process can’t take a long time in a candidates’ market. Once a job seeker is ready to make a career move, they apply and interview at more places than you may think. Our best candidates are being hired quicker than ever and if you meet a candidate you like, the hiring process simply cannot be dragged out.

Misconception: If the resume isn’t impressive, the candidate won’t be.

A resume only tells a small part of a candidate’s story. Agencies tend to interview job seekers that may not have been given a chance elsewhere because of the way they present themselves on paper. We find many excellent candidates this way. If you’re looking to fill a position in this market, turning down a candidate we deem personable and bright before meeting them may be the reason your position has been open for so long.

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