How to Decide Between Multiple Job Offers

In this job market, intelligent and open-minded job seekers are a glimpse of light in a dark tunnel for Buffalo businesses. Companies are still struggling to find talented candidates as the unemployment rate remains incredibly low. Because of this, it’s becoming more common for skillful and hardworking job seekers to receive more than one job offer at once after actively interviewing.

We see it happen all of the time! If this just happened to you, congratulations. Although you should be flattered, you do have a tough and timely decision to make. Some of us aren’t always the best at making decisions, so here are some questions to ask yourself to help choose which job offer is the best for you.

Why are you unhappy in your current role?

When deciding between multiple job offers, think of why you were looking for a new job in the first place. What was missing and which of these companies can give you that missing piece? If you don’t consider this, you will be looking for a new job again very soon. Accept the offer that will leave you feeling fulfilled at the end of the day, and the one that checks the boxes that your last job didn’t.

What does your gut tell you?

Sometimes it’s not all about money and you have to follow your gut. Which manager/team did you have a better connection with during the interview process? You’re going to be spending a great amount of time with these people, and you won’t be happy in your new role if you don’t like the people you work with.

If you want additional insight on the staff and how the companies treat their employees, check online reviews to see what current and past employees have to say. However, don’t rely solely on these reviews as angry ex-employees are more likely to leave a review than the happy ones. Do some additional research to get a feel for the company’s reputation as well. How involved are they with the community? Which company will you be proud to be associated with?

Which company could you see yourself still working for in 5 years?

Try not to think about which job will make you happier right now. Think about your future, too. Which position is moving you along in your career? Maybe one of the new roles is higher level than your last position. Maybe one of the companies is starting you at the same level you’re already at, but there are countless opportunities for growth and promotion down the line. Compare what new skills you can learn. If you need any clarification on growth opportunities, feel free to ask. Between the offers, decide which company you could consider ‘home’ for years to come.

What benefits are most important to you?

Make sure to get all of the benefit information for the offers and compare them thoroughly. Obviously salary and health insurance are big points to compare, but there are so many other benefits that can play a factor, such as: a sign on bonus, commission structure, work hours, work from home flexibility, personal/vacation days, summer Fridays, maternity/paternity leave, on-site gym, etc.

If you’re struggling to pick between the better company culture and the better benefits, try to negotiate with the first company, or ask them if they are willing to match your other offer.

Getting multiple job offers at once is quite an accomplishment, but it’s a tough decision that only you can make. Everyone has their own definition of happiness with different wants and needs in their career. Taking a few days to decide which offer is the best offer for you is okay, but be careful not to take too long. Once you decide which job offer you are going to accept, politely let the other company know that you will pursuing another opportunity instead.

What a great problem to have. You deserved this!