5 Reasons It’s Time to Convert your Temporary Employee

If your company has been burned too many times in the past, it’s understandable why you might choose to take the temp-to-hire route when hiring your next employee. Temp-to-hire is a great option to see if the employee will fit well in the role before making anything official, but don’t test the waters for too long. The majority of temporary employees will continue to seek permanent employment elsewhere, and you don’t want to lose the chance of hiring a great employee if you can help it. Talent is getting harder and harder to come by, and if your temporary employee is showing the following traits, it might be time to lock them in as your employee.

It’s time to convert your temporary employee to a permanent employee if:

  1. The employee is hungry and eager to learn the role. It’s a great sign if the employee is actually trying to learn how to do the job properly, and excelling, instead of treating the role like it’s disposable. Employees that are hungry to learn are bound to grow with your organization, making them worth the long-term investment.
  2. The employee is flexible and has transferrable skills. If the position they are currently filling in for is strictly temporary, maybe you can find a permanent spot for the impressive worker in a different department.
  3. The employee gets along with their coworkers. Not all personalities are going to click in the workplace, but it’s ideal when they do. If the temporary employee fits right in with your team, consider making them permanent.
  4. The employee asks for more work, helps out others, and stays late. Not all temporary workers are going to put in this effort, and it’s definitely a great indicator of how they’ll perform once you convert them.
  5. The employee shows interest in your company and the industry as a whole. Again, knowing that the position is temporary, temporary workers don’t always ask questions and could just be there for the paycheck. If the employee is engaging and seems genuinely interested in how things operate in your company, or is reading up on industry trends, consider making them a permanent member of your team.

In today’s job market, it’s unknown when you’ll find another rockstar worker. If a temporary worker is excelling, try to make a spot for them on your team before someone else does. When you’re ready to make the switch, talk to your staffing company about any related fees.