Why Your Job Posting Isn’t Enough

After doing extensive research on how to write the perfect job posting for your company’s open position, you post the masterpiece to your company’s job board. After days have gone by without any applicants, you start to become frustrated and confused. Why is no one applying?

The Buffalo unemployment rate just hit a 17-year low, which is really taking a toll on organizations looking to fill open positions. Unfortunately, no matter how well you word the job description, the most qualified candidates for your opening probably will never see it since they’re already happily employed. Now what?

Active vs. Passive Candidates

An active candidate is actively searching for a new job, frequently checking job boards and finding ways to present their resume. A passive candidate is a candidate who is not actively searching for a job, usually gainfully employed, that is contacted directly about a specific opportunity.

Some companies have the expectation that posting a job online will quickly fill their opening, or that’s the only option they know. However, a job posting will only target active candidates. Since the amount of active job seekers is at an all time low right now, you simply cannot wait around for candidates to come to you.

Plan B: Track Down Passive Candidates

Most would suggest using LinkedIn to get in touch with passive candidates. And although LinkedIn is an amazing tool, over 500 million people are members, and the chances of someone replying to your LinkedIn messages are slim.

The best way to connect with passive candidates, and to fill your open positions faster, is to partner with a staffing agency. Why?

  1. Staffing agencies have spent countless hours building strong relationships with passive candidates.
  2. Specialized staffing firms know the industries they staff for very well, and can quickly think of companies that employ the workers you are looking for.
  3. Candidates are more likely to respond and listen to the opportunity from a recruiter they have already developed a relationship with in the past.
  4. And for the passive candidates they haven’t already met, a staffing agency has the time and effort to get their attention! It’s not easy, but once the candidate agrees to hear about the opportunity, the staffing experts are able to work around the candidate’s work schedule, and interview them at a location that is most convenient for them.

If you want someone to leave their current stable job, you have to prove why it would be worth it for them. Before hunting down passive and qualified candidates for your opening, the staffing agency will need to learn everything about your organization so they can really sell the job and your company. Many passive candidates will at least be interested in hearing about the opportunity, and how it can better their career. (More money, promotion, opportunity to learn new skills, etc.)

It’s a candidates’ market, now more than ever. If you’re having trouble finding the right candidates (or any candidates at all), we would love to help with your hiring needs! Give us a call or request an employee here.