5 Reasons to Hire Seasoned Employees

Over the last few years, hiring millennials and new college grads has been the popular preference for many companies. However, this doesn’t mean you should disregard an applicant just because they are further along in their career. In fact, there are many benefits to having a mix of entry-level and experienced employees in your work environment.

Here are five perks of hiring seasoned employees:

Great Mentors

Employees with years of experience under their belt know the industry inside and out. Seasoned employees have already made the common mistakes earlier in their career, know how to resolve these issues, and learned from them. Having them around your entry-level employees will not only help set a great example of a professional work ethic, but they can share their years of industry knowledge as well.


Millennials are favored for their flexibility, but seasoned employees are just as adaptable. Those who have been in the workforce for a long time have dealt with a ton of changes when it comes to technology and communication. Things that come naturally to millennials are all things that experienced workers had to learn over time, quickly changing their old habits.


When your company hires a new college grad, it’s a risk. You have little to no proof that the young employee is capable of doing the job you hired them for. Experienced employees are confident in the skills they do have, and have a resume to back it up. Real world experience teaches something that classes cannot, which also helps to decrease training time.

Different Perspective

Having a mix of employees with different experience levels is important in any workplace. A viewpoint from someone who has seen it all is just as important as a perspective from a fresh set of eyes.

Need to Work

With all of the advanced medical technology, people are living longer causing people to work longer than ever before. Not only that, but many companies cannot offer a livable pension forcing people to continue to work in their later years. Some experienced employees may even continue to work solely for health insurance benefits. With that being said, they might not require as high of a salary as you may think. For the right benefits, some seasoned workers are willing to work for a lower salary, giving you decades of experience for a reasonable cost.

Since experienced workers are sometimes overlooked during the hiring process, they are truly just appreciative to be given an opportunity to work. This makes them more likely to be loyal to your company, as they are not interested in job hopping or looking to advance their career. Keeping this in mind, hiring seasoned workers can cause less employee turnover within your organization.

Next time you are presented with an applicant’s resume with years of experience, take the time to consider them as you would anyone else. Millennials and entry-level employees can be excellent assets to an organization, but hiring seasoned workers can benefit your company as well.