3 Signs an Employee is about to Quit

Your best employee just handed you their letter of resignation. How did you not see this coming? Blindsided and panic-stricken, you realize you have minimal time to find a replacement. To avoid being caught off guard in the future, here are some signs to help you realize an employee is about to quit.

Working hard or hardly working?

Employees who are ready to quit usually work way less than they normally do or, in some cases, work harder. Although it might sound like there is no right answer here, you know your employee’s work ethic. You may notice the employee avoiding long-term projects, speaking up less in meetings, and doing the bare minimum. This is a red flag when you’re used to them performing at a much high level, but it’s also a red flag if you notice them working harder than usual.

While some employees completely disengage and no longer care about their current role, others tend to put in extra work. This type of employee has the mindset that they want to leave on a good note, hoping to use this employer as a professional reference in the future. These unexpected hard workers may also be worried that you’re onto them, trying not to drop any hints that they are on their way out.

Very social on LinkedIn…but stops socializing with coworkers

If your employee hasn’t logged into their LinkedIn account in years suddenly updates their profile and actively starts posting, take this as a hint that they’re looking for a new job. It’s a bad sign if they seem very social on networking platforms, but have abruptly closed themselves off to co-workers. When an outgoing employee who was once visiting other co-workers to catch up starts closing their door and avoiding conversation, be prepared for their resignation.

A lot of fake (and real) medical appointments

Pay close attention if an employee is quickly using up their personal time or stepping out often to take a phone call. We all know the best excuse to leave work mid-day to attend a job interview is a “doctor’s appointment.” However, if you find out that the employee is actually going to medical appointments, don’t assume that you’re in the clear. This could just mean that the employee is taking full advantage of their awesome health benefits while they still have them. Either way, if your employee seemed have minimal health concerns until now, take note that they might be quitting soon.

Sometimes there are signs to catch a disconnected employee even before they officially start their job search. Look out for hints such as:

  • The employee is continuing education in a field that does not relate to your organization whatsoever.
  • The employee had sudden personal issues, such as a sick family member or a divorce.
  • All of the employee’s closest work friends have left the company.
  • The employee was recently passed over for a promotion.
  • And the most obvious: the employee is openly mistreated in their current role.

It’s important to mention that without the employee actually saying they are quitting, you can never be 100% sure what their intentions are. With that being said, it’s never a good idea to start treating the employee any differently. However, if you are noticing a lot of the signs noted above, it is wise to start taking preliminary actions.

Whenever it’s obvious that an employee is about to quit, contact Key Resource Group to assist you with your staffing needs.