Continue Your Job Search Throughout December

It seems that it is common for job seekers to think that if they haven’t found a job before the holiday season, it’s probably best to wait and resume their job search in January. However, if you are serious about making a change and getting a new job, December is one of the best months to do so. Here’s why:

Companies Are Still Hiring

A lot of job seekers believe that no one is looking to hire during the holidays. As a staffing agency, we can tell you this isn’t true. We know first hand that our clients are still looking for talented candidates, even in December. Many organizations are fully functioning and looking to hire at the end of the year, scrambling to finish strong and preparing for an even better new year. They may need to hire quickly if someone quit and left them short-handed during the scramble, or they simply want to make sure all seats are filled and new employees are trained for the beginning of January. On the other hand, companies that are slower in the month of December may finally have the time to dedicate to the hiring process, and you don’t want to miss out.

Less Competition

Most job seekers put their search on hold during the holidays because they are too busy holiday shopping or enjoying time with family. Choosing to make time for your job search in the month of December gives you a huge advantage. The chances of your resume being seen and getting an interview is greater, as the amount of candidates applying to the same position is much smaller.

Networking Opportunities Galore

Debating on whether or not to go that holiday party? Holiday parties can be used as a great way to network. Keep business cards on you and ask for one in return. Just be mindful that if it’s strictly a holiday party meant for celebration and relaxation, don’t go overboard. Get their contact information to discuss at a later date. The holidays are also a great reason to reach out to contacts you haven’t talked to in awhile. Not only is it a polite gesture to wish them a happy holiday, but it will also be a friendly reminder to them that you are still seeking employment.

December is a busy month for all, but staying committed to your job search and dedicating a little time each day will greatly benefit you. Despite what you may have heard, many companies are hot to hire and with little competition, you have a good chance of landing a new role. Check out our job board to see what positions we have available. (Yes, even in December)