Benefits of Hiring a New College Grad

More and more college graduates are staying in WNY after graduation looking to start their careers. Come end of May, these fresh grads are flooding your inbox with resumes, and we know what you’re thinking; no experience. When searching for new employees, it’s typical for companies to demand years of similar work experience. However, sometimes it pays to be more open-minded before automatically pressing that delete button. Here are five reasons why hiring a new college grad might be the best move you’ll ever make for your organization.


You may find that experienced employees have a hard time transitioning to your company’s processes because these employees are set in the ways they did it previously. Getting these well-versed workers out of their old habits and on the right track can sometimes take longer than bringing in an employee who has never been exposed to a similar role. New grads are coming in almost blind, and in this case, it’s a benefit. They can be easily molded and trained to suit to your company’s needs.

Eager to Learn

New graduates have awesome characteristics that you often won’t see in experienced candidates. They are genuinely enthusiastic about learning, and they work harder knowing they have to prove themselves. Often times, employers may come across applicants with all the work experience they are looking for, but their personality doesn’t shine. Seasoned employees can sometimes come across as “burnt out” in the workplace, tired of the role they’ve been in for years, making recent grads seem like a breathe of fresh air.

Freshly Exposed to Latest Trends

Right out of school, everything these grads just learned is still fresh in their minds. They’ve been taught all of the current trends, and I’m sure they even have a new thing or two they can teach you. It’s important to remember that recent grads have been exposed to technology almost their entire life. They’re tech-savvy and incredibly fast learners, which will help decrease training time.

Money Experience Hungry

It’s a given that if you want a seasoned employee, you have to be willing to pay a higher salary. Right out of college, many new grads are expecting to be at a lower starting salary as they are just hoping to get their foot in the door and learn. This could be a huge savings for your organization if you’re willing to overlook the lack of field experience.

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After one expresses that they have recently earned their college degree, many questions follow. New college graduates are always asked where they are working now, or where they have applied. Everyone is always intrigued to know where new grads land their first role, and it wouldn’t hurt to have your business’s name in their mouth when this question arises.

After 30+ years in the staffing industry, we have met with countless bright, new grads who would be the perfect employee. Try to be more flexible during the hiring process and at least consider the recent college graduate before pressing that delete button due to lack of experience.