Active Social Media: How does it benefit your business?

86% of working people who are in their first decade of employment will use social media to look for jobs and research employers. With that being said, it’s clear that having social media accounts is not a recommendation anymore, it’s a must in today’s marketplace.  Simply having a Facebook page and Twitter handle with your business’s contact information doesn’t cut it either. It’s essential your company’s social media is active, meaning articles and photos are being posted daily, and customers are getting timely responses to their inquiries, to keep up with your competitors.

Here are three ways your company can benefit from keeping your social media accounts active:

Free Marketing Tool

Yes, free, but be careful about how much advertising you are doing. Rather than promoting your brand in each post, mix it up with some engaging questions or informative articles that would interest your audience. Posting on platforms, such as Facebook and Twitter, is free marketing without the need for constant, annoying ads. Even if it’s just a motivational quote that pertains to your audience, they will remember seeing your company’s name and logo in their feed daily without having to force-feed them your product/service.

Free Recruitment Tool

Keep your social media accounts active to build a positive image of your company’s culture. Once you have done that, you start to build many relationships on all platforms causing future potential candidates to remember you as soon as they start job searching, even before their resume is posted anywhere else. Not only are your company’s pages great for free recruitment efforts, but so are your employees’ personal social media accounts.  Remind your employees to spread the word about your business in a fun and impactful way to their personal connections, whether you are hiring or not.  This way, when a position does open up, it is much easier recruit (for free!) as they have already built up the hype.

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As we have all come to know, no one wants to pick up the phone anymore. Every company’s personal website is different, sometimes making it difficult for the customer to find another form of communication. So why not make your business easily accessible on messaging channels, such as Facebook Messenger, where they are most familiar? Constant Facebook and Twitter updates will make it known to your audience that you are available to communicate in ways that are most comfortable to them. This generates more opportunities for timely interactions with customers to resolve concerns, inquiries, and questions.

It’s important to take note that not all social media sites will be successful in helping your business grow. You do not need to remain active on each and every social network out there. Every business is different, so it’s imperative that you know your target audience and find which form of social media helps you to connect with them the best.