Why would an Accounting Firm work with a Staffing Agency?

Whether your small accounting firm is growing at a fast pace, or your business just needs some additional help during busier times of the year, let’s face it, you could use some help. But how can you take the time to find that extra help through all the chaotic, financial changes? Working with a staffing agency that specializes in the accounting field may be your best bet.

Here are three reasons why working with a staffing agency can benefit your firm:

Wanted: Temporary Accounting Help

Not every job requires a permanent employee.  Whether your firm needs someone to handle payroll for a few months while the rest of your staff is “all hands on deck” for a company-wide conversion, or you simply don’t have time to prepare for an audit, an agency can quickly find you a financial professional to work at your firm on a temporary basis. To save you even more time, the agency also handles all of the paperwork involved in the hiring process because temporary employees are employees of the agency.

Maybe you’re not even sure if a temporary employee is what you need. Ask a staffing agency! Maybe you really do need a permanent addition to your staff and the advice from staffing experts can help you make the best decision for your firm.

Updated Technology Requires Updated Staff

Software upgrades with time, but your staff isn’t always so quick to adapt to these changes. Bringing in a fresh set of eyes of someone who has been exposed to this new software can make a huge difference and bring the rest of your accounting team up to speed.

A majority of the time, new employees are hired on because they were referred by someone else who also works for the company. Chances are the friends of your employees also aren’t up to speed on the newest technology.  Working with a staffing agency can get you out of the friend loop, and find the best talent possible with the required skills you need. Agencies have access to all of the right job boards to post the exact position you are looking to fill. Or even better, they have a pool of candidates already interviewed, ready for you to review.

Personalized Attention

Staffing agencies that specialize in accounting know the industry.  A good staffing agency will take the time to know your specific firm, sending you only the candidates who would be a good fit for your work environment.  Communication in the hiring process is key and agencies will want to know everything unique about your company. Many will ask for the exact software programs your firm uses so they can perform the appropriate testing. They will also want to know the traits you look for in a perfect employee.

At Key Resource Group, all applicants are interviewed, in-person, by our recruiters before they are sent to your firm for review.  Candidates are tested and reference checks are performed to find you that perfect employee.

With over 30 years of experience, Key Resource Group has a dedicated team of recruiters who are highly experienced in filling accounting positions. We know the job market here in Western New York and can help you with creative solutions to whatever staffing problem you may have.