Leadership Qualities to Look for in New Hires

Looking to add to your team this year? Hiring new employees is a serious decision not to make lightly. Hiring the wrong person can be a costly mistake. Leadership qualities are important for all new hires to have, not just your managers. Employees with these qualities are likely to be more engaged and productive while at work. Employees with leadership qualities look towards the future and what can be accomplished, rather than focusing on what has always been done.

Make sure your new hires embody these leadership qualities:

Be a team player.

Functioning as a productive member of any team (large or small) is an essential component of 99% of all jobs out there. If an employee can’t get along and work well with different types of people, it will be hard for them to succeed in that role in the long run.

Have a positive attitude.

Work can be stressful and difficult at times. And it’s the role of the leader to keep everyone motivated and not dread coming to work. Having a positive attitude is important for keeping the atmosphere light and upbeat.

Possess excellent communication skills.

Being able to successfully communicate with others is a skill that is of the utmost importance for everyone in today’s society. Communication both written and orally is vital for getting our thoughts across and accomplishing projects at work. Half of great communication is the ability to listen and really hear what others are saying. Leaders seek to understand others and the situation by accumulating information and gaining insight, before acting.


Be willing to change as circumstances do. Dealing well with uncertainty is a characteristic of a true leader.

Have a high standard of integrity.

Being able to trust your employees and team members to spend their time at work getting their job done, so you don’t have to micromanage them is something that all managers should strive for. Employees who are honest and have a strong work ethic can work independently.

Regardless of the type of position you are looking to fill, look for leadership qualities in your candidates you are interviewing. Because you never know, that receptionist could end up being an account manager, or that file clerk could become an attorney some day. Having leadership qualities will make it easier to build them into engaged, long-term employees.

What intangible qualities do you look for in your new hires?