Don’t Stop Your Job Search During the Summertime

5 Reasons why summer is a great time for look for a new job

Ahhh summer. The time of year known for lazy days by the pool or at the beach, family vacations, festivals, and outdoor concerts. But did you know that the summer months are also a great time to focus on your job search?

  • Less competition. A lot of people stop looking for a new job during the summer months. They may be planning vacations, their kids are out of school, and life just seems to get busier from May-August. So searching for a new job is often put on the back burner. For candidates who continue to make their job search a priority during these months, they may find that there are fewer candidates competing for the same jobs.
  • More time for the interview process. Summer is a slower time for many industries, resulting in companies having more time to interview. While it is certainly true that industries like construction and manufacturing are often busier in the summer, many others such as accounting, finance, and education are slow during the summer months. With the busy season behind them, managers have the necessary time to interview new employees. They can make hiring decisions and train new employees before their busy season approaches again.
  • Lots of networking opportunities. Summer is full of golf tournaments, charity events, alumni happy hours, and various other networking events. Take the time to regularly attend events in your area either within your desired industry or career area of focus. It can pay off as you will make connections of value to your job search.
  • Short-term contract opportunities. With millions of people looking for summer employment, companies often save their non-urgent project work for the summer when it is easier to find people looking for short-term employment. Even though you may be hired on a temporary basis, often times there is a chance that if you make a good impression, you will be hired on directly at the end of the contract.
  • A new fiscal year. Many companies start their new fiscal year on July 1. Budgets are reset and companies may have more room in their budgets for new hires than they would at the end of their fiscal year.

Remember that even though the summer can be a great time to search for a new job, it still takes time and effort to find that right fit. The entire interview process may be more spread out during the summer months. Companies must schedule interviews around the involved parties’ vacation plans. Having a patient outlook and flexible nature during your job search is a must. With dedication and perseverance, your job search efforts will pay off in the long run.

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