Attractive Benefits to Job Seekers

Attracting qualified talent continues to be a struggle for many organizations. Especially when unemployment is low, the struggle becomes even more challenging. Companies have to do more than offer a high salary to attract the talent they want, so they turn to creating diverse benefits packages to stand out from the crowd. A study by Glassdoor shows some of the most attractive benefits to job seekers.

  1. Healthcare plans. This is a big one for almost all job seekers, because having to purchase your own health insurance can be very expensive. Entry-level job seekers place the highest value on health insurance.
  2. Vacation time. Everyone wants time off to enjoy the things they love doing outside of work, but female job seekers place a higher priority towards more vacation time than men.
  3. Performance bonuses. These are often valued more by men and job seekers with higher earning potential in management or executive level positions.
  4. 401k/Retirement plans. Pensions are no longer the norm, and most workers now have to fund their retirements through employee sponsored 401k plans. Many companies choose to match a portion of the money invested into the plans as an added benefit.
  5. Life insurance. This is the most commonly offered, non-mandated employee benefit in the US. Most companies who offer life insurance provide a small amount of coverage at no cost. Employees wishing for more coverage can purchase it at discounted group rates.
  6. Paid maternity/paternity leave. While unpaid leave is available through the FMLA, companies that offer some sort of paid leave are highly coveted places to work.
  7. Family planning options. Whether it’s covering fertility treatments, egg freezing, or adoption assistance, companies, especially those in the tech industry, are offering these benefits. They want to attract and maintain top female job seekers who otherwise may leave the organization when it comes time to have a family.
  8. Education benefits. For millennials especially, but also for those established workers who went back to school, offering tuition reimbursement or tuition assistance can make your organization a very attractive place to work.

But what about those fun extras?

By now, we’ve all heard of the amazing perks companies like Google and Facebook offer, but even small organizations can implement some fun little perks to be more attractive to job seekers. Try stocking a kitchen with snacks and drinks, implementing casual Fridays, or summer hours. Giving employees the option for telecommuting or flex time can also be highly valued by job seekers who have a family.

Offering a diverse and well-rounded benefits package is one way to help with your recruitment efforts. If you feel as though you need more assistance with hiring top talent for your organization, contact the recruiting team at here at Key Resource Group.