10 Tips for Surviving the Office Holiday Party

10 Tips for Surviving the Office Holiday Party


‘Tis the season of company holiday parties.

Office holiday parties can be the perfect opportunity to make a positive impression on the executives/managers in your company you have yet to meet, and to reinforce your overall positive image in the workplace. However, in order to leave your party on a high note, and not have everyone talking about you at the water cooler come Monday morning, make sure you follow these helpful tips.


  • Dress appropriately.
  • Drink alcoholic beverages in moderation. (Pro tip: Keep all your drinks in your left hand, so your right hand is free to shake hands when meeting new people.)
  • Make sure you work the room, and speak with people in other departments you don’t see on a regular basis.
  • If your host provides name tags, wear them. It’s bad taste to be the only one not doing so. (Pro tip: Etiquette says to wear them on the right side.)
  • Thank those who are hosting/planning the event.


  • Bring a guest unless the invitation says you are allowed one.
  • Drink excessively.
  • Talk exclusively business all night. Remember, it is a social gathering after all.
  • Spend the whole night glued to your cell phone.
  • Arrive too late or leave too early. Try to stay within 30 minutes of the times listed on the invitation.

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