Exploring Jobs in Buffalo’s Legal Industry

The legal industry has a long history in Buffalo. Not only are there hundreds of law firms and sole practitioners in the area, but several of the largest firms in the area opened their doors way back in the 1800s. Talk about a long time to build an industry, that today can boast over 2,800 attorneys practicing law in WNY.

While most people think of the attorneys when they think of law firms, there are actually dozens of different jobs that are vitally important in ensuring the success of these firms. If you have an interest in the legal field but can’t see yourself as an attorney, why not consider one of these careers?

  • Paralegal
  • Legal Assistant/Secretary
  • Legal Biller
  • File Clerk
  • E-Discovery Specialist
  • Nurse Paralegal
  • Conflicts Manager

None of these interest you? Not to worry, there are also the supporting HR, Accounting, Marketing, and IT departments that are also necessary to keep these firms up and running.

Thanks to the large number of colleges in the area, there are many certificate programs and 2 and 4 year degrees that will provide the foundation needed for a career in the legal field. Some common majors among those working in these positions include Paralegal Certificate/Studies, Legal Studies, Criminal Justice, Psychology and Sociology. But that’s not to say that if you majored in English, Business or the Fine Arts, that a career in the legal field is not for you. With various specialties and clients, law firms each have their own idea of what background makes the perfect candidate.

For more information on the legal industry in Buffalo, check out the Buffalo Law Journal, a general circulation newspaper dating back to 1929.

If you are interested in starting or growing your career in the legal field here in Buffalo check out our open legal jobs or contact one of our legal recruiters today!