Preparing for a Skype Interview

With technology playing a larger role in HR and Recruiting than ever before, it may not be long before you experience a Skype interview of your own.  Many companies are choosing to use Skype interviews for both the convenience and cost factors.  With Skype interviews, companies can interview a candidate regardless of their physical location, as long as they have a computer, tablet, or smartphone with WIFI capabilities.  No longer is it necessary for recruiters and hiring managers to travel to their various offices for interviews, saving the company time and money.

If you find yourself scheduling a Skype interview, keep these 6 tips in mind.

  1. Test out the Skype application beforehand to ensure you are familiar with the application, have the correct volume settings and your WIFI connectivity is strong.
  2. Make sure you set up your phone, tablet or computer in a quiet room, free from any distractions, including children AND pets.
  3. Set up your device so that the camera has an unobstructed view of your head and torso, with plenty of good light.
  4. During the interview, keep your eyes on the camera, rather than looking down at the screen.  Since you can’t maintain eye contact in the traditional sense, this is the next best way to engage with your interviewer.
  5. Prepare just like any other interview.  Have your notes and resume in front of you, dress in your interview best and make sure you are well groomed before starting the Skype interview.
  6. Have a backup plan. If the video feature goes out or your Internet connection is lost, make sure you have the phone number and email address of your interviewer so you can contact them right away.

Remember to treat a Skype interview just as you would a normal face-to-face one.  Prepare, relax and don’t forget to smile!


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